Hygiene and Quality are our priorities!

Who we are


Bakerd is an institution devoted to make sanitary, healthy, top quality, and highly sought after food products available to its customers for a much reasonable price. With us, you can be hundred percent sure that all of our products are tested for their hygiene and quality before they make it to the market.

In our illustrious work in the food products industry over the past years, we have provided invaluable service to almost all hotels in Addis Ababa and other regions. You can find our products in the following hotels as we have a long year formal agreement.

We are working with

We also have more than 30 clients in the form of pastry and bakery companies. Among them are Mulmul Bakery and Pastry, Wooden Bakery PLC, Ruti Bakery PLC, A & B bakery and pastry PLC, and Alubnani Bakery and pastry. We work with more than 250 hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini markets, including Allebejimla, Shewa Supermarkets, Safeway Supermarkets, Allmart Supermarkets, Friendship Supermarkets, Garamart Market, and Bambis Hypermarket. We have also extended our ventures in the distributors section like Merkato Wholesalers, focusing on small shops in local neighbourhoods.

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Why Choose Us







Bakerd- Your ideal partner


We, at Bakerd, know that in the ever-developing food industry, the concern for the hygiene and quality of the products can be a fore-gone conclusion. But for us, we are always thinking of how we can make our products safe with regards to its hygienic condition. As our slogan states, the most important thing to us is the hygiene and quality of our products. In the skewed market that exists today, the prices of products can be overly excessive. To achieve our hope of changing the landscape of the food industry in Ethiopia, we offer modest and reasonable price. We don’t want cost to be in the way of top-grade and healthy food products.

We are always ready to offer custom made products as per the need of our customers. We are also critical of providing any service we are asked of on time. Our sole focus is to make our customers happy on every aspect of work we participate in. Even though we provide an exceptional service, we aren’t easily pleased. We are always thinking of ways to make our services much better for our customers.

Bakerd- Your Global Partner


We have a network of partners overseas. Especially, we have a partnership with Turkey. We value this partnership highly. It has opened the door for us to employ well qualified Turkish people, who work alongside our local professionals staff. We believe this integration of two types of people from two different continents is something that makes us unique in the food industry in Ethiopia, and also one of the myriad reasons that makes us an effective institution.

Bakerd- Your Dream is Our Dream


We believe that Ethiopian people deserve international standard products. For long, Ethiopian people have yearned for high quality and hygienic food products that are economically reasonable. We are here to fulfil their need of such food products. We also offer consultancy service to the hospitality industry on matters related to bakery and pastry.