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Our factory is located at the heart of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. It has Turkish origin machineries and raw materials that position it as having the European standard. The owner of our factory has a PhD in Business from a well-recognized University in Turkey, and with his accumulated long years of professional experience decided to invest in Ethiopia in the food manufacturing sector. We have several formally registered licenses, which are obtained from all concerned government institutions to manufacture and supply processed and packed food items. Currently, we manufacture and supply various processed and packed sugars, and bakery products such as bread improvers and baking powders. We strive to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ethiopia, and Africa at large, by addressing the needs of consumers.


Our Major Stakeholders include


  • Addis Ababa City Administration Investment Agency
  • Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau
  • Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority
  • Addis Ababa City Administration Revenue Authority

  • Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise
  • Hotel and Hospitality industry of Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Hotels Association
  • Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce
  • Wholesalers and Retailers throughout Ethiopia
  • Pastry and Bakery Associations
  • Ethiopian Sugar Corporation
  • Gurkan Dis Ticaret PLC (Istanbul, Turkey)

Our Mission

Our mission is to stand out as a leading manufacturer and supplier of processed and packed food products related to sugar, pastry and bakery products, and thereby guaranteeing maximum satisfaction to all customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy the needs of all local and international customers by manufacturing international standard products, while in the process revolutionizing the food industry in Ethiopia.

Core Values

Bakerd baking powder have embraced the following core values:
    • Excellence
    • Team work
    • Work Ethic
    • Safety
    • Reliability