SA construction plc. places nothing higher than protecting its people from injury. We have a very comprehensive safety policy. The wellbeing of our employees has paramount importance to us. Our commitment to safety can be witnessed in daily activities within the work habits and practices of our people.

Project manager, Site Engineer, and each member of the SA team are uniquely involved in contributing to the safety culture. This involvement encompasses getting regular safety training for everyone before going on a new project, pre-task safety planning, daily safety meeting attendance, site safety inspections from all levels of the company, and a comprehensive incident review process. In general, we recognize that there is no higher value than protecting our people and we are committed to this pursuit to provide an injury-free work environment.

In addition, all site staff and the site are fully equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as overalls, goggles, helmets, safety shoe , gloves and fall protections (Safety net, guardrails, safety signs, visibility clothing).




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We are the region’s leading provider of fire detection & notification systems and fire alarm system as part of our fire fighting solutions in Dubai and the Middle East. Our wide range of systems will alert all inhabitants that a fire is taking place in your property and the necessary evacuation procedures.
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